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Records and Information Management

Outsourcing services


Records and Information Management

Outsourcing services

TAB offers several outsourced solutions to help financial institutions:

  • Optimize core business processes such as management of active loan files
  • Improve access to critical paper and electronic information
  • Save money on records storage, both onsite and offsite
  • Reduce staffing costs for records and information management

Onsite file room management

TAB’s outsourced file room management services offer a cost-effective alternative to managing your own onsite operations. Our file room management services are the perfect way to optimize the management of loan files, servicing and custody documents, customer files and more.

Our onsite file room management services include:

  • Expert knowledge workers
  • Proven methodologies, products and technologies
  • An easily scalable labor supply to handle busy periods and special projects

Offsite loan operations outsourcing

TAB’s outsourcing solutions allow you to move the management of loan files and other key documents into one of our secure records centers. Our records centers offer:

  • Secure offsite and near-site facilities to manage your active loan documents and other key records
  • A dramatic reduction in expensive onsite storage costs
  • Expert staff to file, retrieve and scan your records, on demand
  • A scalable, pay-as-you-go approach to records management that reduces expenses and capital costs

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