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Records and Information Management

Digitization and capture automation

Digitizing your paper documents is an essential part of staying competitive in the finance industry.

However, digitization is not a simple matter of running paper documents through a scanning machine. To get the most from digitization programs, successful financial institutions are incorporating best practices such as:

  • Automated document recognition and classification
  • Discrete information capture from scanned content
  • Linkage of captured data to other systems
  • “Day-forward” document imaging programs to ensure that new content is digitized for consistency and compliance

TAB is the only digitization partner you need in the finance industry

TAB offers a comprehensive suite of digitization solutions to help you get the most from your scanned information. Nobody else offers such a complete package.

Our digitization solutions include:

  • Financial document experts to help with planning, execution, management and training
  • Processes and technologies proven within the finance industry
  • A unique, human-assisted AI-capture engine that gets smarter and faster over time
  • Automatic identification and classification of scanned documents
  • Capture of discrete data points from scanned content
  • Day-forward digitization programs to capture new content in real time
  • Onsite and offsite scanning
  • TAB FusionRMS, our proprietary repository solution to help you store, access and manage digitized content

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